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Hi I’m Stephen Davidson and together with my brother Mark founded ‘Ultimate Tips’.

Betting has been our whole life since we were wet behind the ears and there is no one more experienced nor more qualified to pick a winner than us.

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But I suppose you’d like to know more about us and why we’re so damn good at what we do.

My brother Mark and I were raised on a council estate in Cheltenham by our Aunt Carol after losing our parents at a young age. Although, thanks to her job, we never had to spend too much time actually on the estate.

Aunt Carol worked at a large stable as an assistant horse trainer, and as there was no one to take care of us after school or during the holidays, we spent more time at the stable than we did at home.

Over the years we came to develop close relationships with the horses, the owners and the riders. Many of whom went on to become successful jockeys.

It won’t surprise you that horse riding became our greatest passion. When other kids our age were playing football, chasing girls and learning to drive, we were interested in our horses more than anything else.

When we were old enough to leave school, me first and then Mark a few years later, we each started working at the stable with my aunt. We’d continue to strengthen existing relationships with some of the biggest names in horse racing, as well as developing new relationships and friendships.

But as fond as we were for some of the jockeys and owners, no relationship compared to the closeness we had with our horses. We could tell how they were feeling and predict how they’d behave from the slightest sound or movement. We knew them as well as we knew ourselves.

After a couple of years, Mark and I decided it was time to get our own place; to leave the council estate and give Aunt Carol the space she deserved after taking care of us for nearly two decades.

The only problem was, our stable jobs didn’t pay very much at all.

So one morning I decided to head down to my local bookies and place a bet. I knew the horses, I knew the jockeys and so I figured I’d have a pretty good chance of picking the winner.

Low and behold, I called it!

And so I collected my winnings, went home and returned the next day with my brother.

Once again, our horse won and now we each had a few extra quid in our back pockets.

We continued this day after day, looking at more and more races and eventually we were making so much money from betting that we no longer needed to work at the stables.

After several months we each bought our own houses as well as a house for Aunt Carol and now we have more free time than we know what to do with (though we still spend a lot of that time at the stable!).

And exactly one year ago we decided to launch the Ultimate Tips service to share our talents and good fortune with a few lucky punters.

To date we have 60 very satisfied members and now we’re opening our doors to 30 more!

But those places will fill up QUICKLY! Six months ago, 30 spaces filled up in less than 12 hours and we expect this time they’ll sell out even faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m new to horse racing. How easy is it to make money with these tips?

Ultimate Tips is suitable for beginners as well as experienced punters. Each morning, tips will be sent to your inbox so all you need to do is open that email and then place your bets with the online bookies of your choosing (William Hill, Bet365, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, etc). Each of those sites are very easy to navigate and so you’ll have no problems placing your bets.

Q: Why is Ultimate Tips a ‘Passive Income’?

Ultimate Tips is a type of ‘passive income’ because you do no more than a few minutes “work” each morning and then you go about your day as the money comes in automatically. Once you’ve placed those winning bets you will be making money whether you’re at the office, playing golf or relaxing on the beach!

Q: How quickly can I start making money with Ultimate Tips?

You can start making money as quickly as tomorrow! Signing up for these tips right now will mean receiving an email straight to your inbox tomorrow morning. Then, you can place your bets and start making some big money!
Q: What equipment do I need to start?

You don’t need any special equipment whatsoever to start placing bets with Ultimate Tips. So long as you have an internet connection you’re good to go. You can access these tips from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Q: Will there be any additional costs?

Absolutely not! The price you see on the screen is the price you pay. No hidden costs, no joining fee. And remember – today I’m giving you Ultimate Tips with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you’re not completely happy with the service two months from today I’ll give you 100% of your money back. That’s a promise.

Q: How can I get in touch if I have any further questions?

Please send any further questions to support@ultimate-tips.com where myself or a member of the Ultimate Tips team will be happy to assist you.